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The elegance of lace brings out the woman in all of us. We hand dye our laces in many fashionable colors for you to wear dressed up or down. Pat Dahnke designs has been chosen by brides and bridal parties for years and our looks are still timeless.

Our Denim Crochet Vest with Mesch Ruffle, Suede Fringe and Feathers. (#V06144) $316

Our Lace Ruana/Train in Bordeaux. (#A58295) $650

Lace and Rayon Flamingo Skirt in Bordeaux. (#3S18245) $525

Tara in our Deerskin Dolman Dress in Ivory with Hand-tied Bulb Elk Teeth. (#982895) $5900

Our Long Sleeve Lace Top in Cognac. (#T17109) $235

Mini Spiral Lace Skirt in Cognac. (#S38128) $275

Knitted Beige/Grey Rabbit Vest Trimmed with Fox. (#V37240) $495

Our Sunday Afternoon Dress in Dusty Pink. (#D55269) $595

Lace Dolman Jacket in Dusty Pink. (#J89220) $475

Lace Hat in Dusty Pink. (#H1980155) $330

Lace Gloves in Dusty Pink. (#A21033) $69

Shea in our Sunday Afternoon Dress in Bridal Ivory. (#D55269) $595

Lace Jacket in Bridal Ivory. (#J89197) $433

Rebecca in our Bias Double Flounce Dress in Cognac. (#D54249) $525

Sheer Butterfly Cape in Cognac. (#J79097) $230

Lace Hat in Cognac.(#H1980155) $330

Rebecca in our Sunday Afternoon Dress in Bridal Ivory. (#D55269) $595

Sheer Butterfly Cape in Bridal Ivory. (#J79097) $230

Lace Hat in Bridal Ivory. (#H1980155) $330

Lace Necklace in Bridal Ivory. (#A00035) $75


Our Corset in Champagne. (#T22091) $220

3 Ruffle Flamingo Skirt in Champagne. (#S18229) $475

Long-fringed Lace Shawl in Champagne. (#A04049) $110

These are all custom, made to order, your size and color.

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Pricing is approximate as all orders are custom and bespoke.
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